CrossFit Whangarei  - A place where everyone is welcome, people and community first! 

CrossFit is for everyone, the word sometimes puts people off, but essentially CrossFit is functional fitness, constantly varied movements and exercises keeping the body guessing.

We are a community of individuals from all walks of life, with varying levels of fitness and abilities, from the beginner to the competitive athlete, we cater to everyone.  

Here at CFW we each have goals, whether it be to get fitter, to train for a sport, to improve flexibility and movement, and transpire to improving overall health and wellbeing with a community of camaraderie, competition, and support.  We promote and empower whanau memberships by offering classes for tamariki as young as 7 years old, rangatahi and adults.  We know our members and take pride of their acheivements of improving lifestyle through fitness and an overall healthier whanau.  

Come and be a part of the vibe! 

 CrossFit Whangarei is prouldly supported by Rise and Grind @ Central Fitness & Well-being.





“He aha te mea nui o te ao? He tangata, he tangata, he tangata”.

“What is the most important thing in the world? It is the people, it is the people, it is the people”.

And that is the aroha and manaakitanga Central Fitness Wellbeing (CFW) exude and convey throughout their organisation and processes. 

Before I started, I would walk past the gym and could hear the shouts and yelps of effort and cheers of support and I knew I just had to be a part of that kaupapa! Initially, I was very intimidated by all the athletes when they would run out of the big gym doors for their 100 or 200m run but after suffering a long battle with mental health and depression I decided to do something for myself because I was tired of being drained and stagnant. With a soft nudge from one of the members who is also a dear friend of mine, I decided to take the leap and attend a free trial class.

Now after 5 months, I can say without a bat of an eye lid that the classes and coaches have challenged me and shown me the strength and courage I needed to reassure myself that I can be triumphant both physically and mentally! This has held me steadfast with my growth and healing when starring down the beast that is self-doubt and uncertainty.

Finally, although my physical and mental aspects are being met, the love, support and care from everyone is second to none and this is what sets CFW apart from the rest! I have been to many gyms and fitness groups but the thoroughness from coaches and the atmosphere of the gym and all its members are why I stay!

I am grateful to the team for their guidance and support of my physical and mental well-being as well as supporting my nutritional goals. I appreciate the team at CFW the culture they've established and would recommend this facility to anyone!




Central fitness and wellbeing has been the driving force behind massive changes in my day to day life, the coaching team and other members inspired me to be the best version of me possible, I went from sitting on the couch eating takeaways and sugar almost every meal when on land, to eating mainly whole foods and a balanced diet, excercising daily and sometimes multiple times a day.
This has reflected in better mental health, more energy and a better relationship with my wife.
Every aspect of my life is better then what it was before. I never joined with and explicit goal of weight loss but after losing 20kg + in 4 months every day tasks are easier and more enjoyable.

Carson, Jaz and the coaching team support encourage and enable myself and the other members to make meaningful change, if you are thinking about making positive change in your day to day life I recommend making contact and coming to experience the vibe and whānau that is cfw.

Aroha Davis


CrossFit Journal



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